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Minneapolis light rail

It can be difficult to get food if you don't have a car. Thankfully, there are a lot of public transportation resources on or near campus.

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University Services

University Parking and Transportation Services offers several free-of-charge bus routes and other transit resources.


Some resources available for students include:

Campus Buses

These free buses run around and/or between West Bank, East Bank, and Saint Paul campuses.

Gopher Chauffer

Gopher Chauffer provides free, safe rides home for all University of Minnesota-Twin Cities students. Days and hours of operation are limited.

Paratransit Services

A curb-to-curb transport service provided free of charge to students, staff or faculty members with short- or long-term physical disabilities.

U-Pass and Campus Zone Passes

The U-Pass and Campus Zone Pass provide affordable ways for students to utilize Metro Transit lines.

Metro Transit Services

Metro Transit provides comprehensive transportation services across the Twin Cities area. In addition, they also offer several resources for students and other low-income patrons. Students can use the U-Pass or Campus Zone Pass to access Metro Transit resources at an affordable rate. Check out Metro Transit bus and light rail lines that run through each campus.

Riding Apps and Other Pay-Per-Ride Services

Riding/Ridesharing apps can be used to get around almost anywhere and typically charge per ride, the cost may vary based on type of vehicle/transportation and distance traveled. The Twin Cities also have several pay-per-ride bike and scooter options.